How we work

The working groups, made up of the organizations members, are an important part of UNMIR. Here, development processes are assessed and symposia are organizedointly developed positions are published, constituting the basis for the organizations political International Relations. To inform the public on these issues, UNMIR produces publications and engages in public relations.The organisation seeks synergies with other organizations and looks to build alliances on specific issues. It also aims at a stronger co-operation with partners from the South. UNMIR coordinates the discussion on quality assurance and monitoring of results and offers training for its members.
Two underlying codes are also very important for UNIMIR's work: A dedication to development-oriented public relations and UNIMIR's code of conduct for transparency, leadership and control. Both these codes are binding guidelines for the work of the organisations from civil society.
  • Working with Handicapped People
  • Local and Global education
  • European development policy
  • Gender
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Afghanistan
  • International Finance Architecture
  • Climate Change
  • Protecting Children
  • Co-financing
  • Migration
  • Code of Conduct
  • Donations and non-profit legislation
  • Monitoring Impact
  • Campaign "Your Voice against poverty"